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Don Rico is a traditional and additive-free tequila that adheres to artisanal methods of production and distillation from 100% Tequilana Blue Weber Agave grown in the lowlands and highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The highlands of Jalisco are known for their distinctive red clay soil and citrus groves. The agave from this region tends to produce sweeter and fruitier tastes and aromas.


The lowlands of Jalisco are set at the foot of Volcán de Tequila, a dormant volcano that blessed the area with rich, dark volcanic soil. The tequila produced here tends to yield spicy, earthy and herbaceous flavors and aromas. The complexities of all these aromas and flavors, along with cooked agave, are prevalent in our Blanco. Cooked agave, oak, caramel and vanilla are characteristic of our Reposado, which is rested in whiskey oak barrels for three months.


The Añejo is a special blend of tequila rested in both bourbon and French oak red wine barrels and the flavors and aromas are characteristic of caramel, vanilla, red fruits, oak and crisp citrus notes with a mild sweetness that comes through in the end. We are presently aging an Extra Añejo, which is resting in Spanish Sherry oak barrels. We hope to release this expression as a limited edition around 2024.


This is the foundation for all our tequila and presents a balanced taste and aroma of cooked agave with hints of citrus, herbs, mint, anise and pepper.


This profile is aged for three months in a whiskey oak barrel and presents the taste of cooked agave that fills your palate with caramel, vanilla, oak and citrus.


This double cask expression is aged first in bourbon oak barrels for three months and then transferred to French oak wine barrels for an additional ten months. The flavor presents a sophisticated and velvety sweet, cooked agave profile, with a softness of chocolate, plums and cherries and hints of red berries and citrus.

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